开门 [词典] push plate; open the door; [电影] Open the Door; [例句]我自己开门进了公寓.I let myself into the flat 英 [d:] 美 [dr,dor] n. 门,户; 出入口; 一家[户]; 通道;


门用英语表示是: door door:音标:英 [d(r)] 美 [dr] n. 门;家,户;门口;通道 n. (Door)人名;(英)多尔 短语:at the door 在门边 open the door 开门 next door

door gate field of endeavor 这门闩不牢.This door won't latch properly.大门太窄,汽车进不去.The gate is too narrow for a car.请把门打开.Open the door, please.门口有个男人要求见你.Some man at the door is asking to see you.进来前请先敲门.Please do not enter before knocking on the door.我送你到门口.I'll walk you to the door.

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赶走 基本翻译 drive away expel throw out drive sb. out of the door 网络释义 赶走:put out | chuck | chase away

accountant: 会计 actor: 男演员 actress: 女演员 airline representative: 地勤人员 desk clerk: 接待员 detective 侦探 doctor: 医生 door-to-door salesman: 推销员

除首字母 D 外,其余读音都一样即 ear 发 [ r ] 的单词如下:appear(reappear, disappear), blear, clear (clearly, unclear), earphone, earpiece, earplug, earring, earshot, fear, gear, hear (overhear), Lear, near, rear(uprear), spear, year, etc..

我的回答是:(1)若中文为”三二一”则英文为”three two one” (2)若中文为”三百二十一”则英文为”three hundred and twenty-one” 回答完毕,希望我的答案对您有用,祝您天天开心快乐!

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