the way to relax ourselves the thumb and middle finger gently mutual top pressure, but equally satisfactory results on earth.放松自己的方式 大拇指和中指轻轻地相互顶压,

the best way to relax

What do you think is the best way to relax?What in your opinion is the best way to relax?In your opinion what is the best way to relax?都可以.你的说法没有错,但比较适合口语.满意请及时采纳,谢

我认为旅游是一种很好的放松方式 翻译:I think tourism is a good way to relax

Relaxation Methods First of all, put yourself in a comfortable state. Can lie in bed, you you can work, find more joy. 放松的方法首先,让自己处于舒适的状态.可以躺在床上

你好!放松的方式Relax the way

relaxed (修饰人)relaxing(某事让人放松)relaxing 是形容词(.adj) 意思是令人松懈的,令人轻松的,轻松愉悦的 relaxed 是动词分 为及物动词vt. 和不及物动词vi.回答如下:relaxvt.& vi.放宽;(使)轻松;(使)松弛;(使)放松loosenvt.解开或使松;放宽,放松;使(肠)通畅easen.安逸;容易;轻松,舒适;不拘束,自在slackenvt.& vi.(使)放慢;(使)放松、松懈、松弛;(使)减弱[电影]Relax[电影]放松relaxing 是形容词(.adj) 意思是令人松懈的,令人轻松的,轻松愉悦的 relaxed 是动词分 为及物动词vt. 和不及物动词vi.

放松 fàngsōng [relax;slacken;loosen] 控制或注意力由紧变松而松驰,松懈或轻松 一天劳累后应该放松一下

many students are under a big pressure.we have lots of homework to do and we have many examines's necessary for us to relax ourselves.we can do sports,listen

when we talk about the way to relax ourselves, different people have different ideas.since we are facing more and more stress nowaday. there are many ways to relax.such as

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